Okay everyone, sit down and listen up. I’ve allowed this indignity to go on for far too long and the time to stop this is right now.

Please, if you are white, for the love of God – please stop telling people of colour their opinions on Colt Vest Pocket are wrong.

I am speaking from experience as a person of colour myself. Just the other day, I was playing with my brand new Colt Vest Pocket Rex deck. My “friend” Janice, a white woman, took one look at my deck and said, “Why would you put that card in a Rex deck?”

I was stunned and appalled by this brazenly offensive comment.

The truth is Colt Vest Pocket is a great card for Rex. It gives him +1 Combat while fighting and allows him to deal +1 damage during those fights. This is so important, and I’m honestly just sick of having to explain this card to white folks, particularly Janice, who very racistly have told me to stop playing this card.

If you want to be a better ally to me, a person of colour who demands to play Colt Vest Pocket in Rex every time he hits the table, you can do these things.

1) Be willing to question your own opinions about Colt Vest Pocket. Consider how racist power structures have informed your evaluation of this card, which is perfectly good for my Rex deck.

2) Listen to people of colour when they tell you that 2 copies of Colt Vest Pocket in Rex is a great idea.

3) Don’t double down on your racially insensitive commentary by saying things such as “Did you know you have to discard that thing at the end of the round?” or “You know that Rex can’t take the upgraded version of the card, right?” Your friends who are people of colour and Colt Vest Pocket enthusiasts will doubtless be hurt by your emotionally violent statements. Furthermore, be willing to be a strong ally unlike Greg or Bryce by speaking up when you hear people at your table making such comments.

As good members of society, it is our responsibility to make our gaming spaces safe and welcoming to all. That includes visible minorities who include two copies of Colt Vest Pocket in their Rex deck. Thank you very much for your support in this trying time and may we never stop working together to create a better and more equitable world.