How cool is this?? The creator of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, MJ Newman, has confirmed that the investigator on the box art for The Scarlet Keys is, in fact, riding a motorcycle!

It is no secret that even though there are dozens of investigators in the Arkham Files series, very few of them have ever been seen riding a hot rod like this. Tommy, Winifred and Daniela have all been depicted either owning or riding one of these sweet choppers – however, they are a tiny minority compared to the overall cast. These characters also don’t represent the full experience of people who ride motorcycles. By adding a new motorcyclist, more representation and diversity is added to the game – and that’s a huge win for players, some of whom are surely motorcyclists themselves!

Tommy Muldoon, at one point the only open motorcyclist in the game

Currently, very little is known about the new motorcycle investigator. MJ Newman did add that the new investigator also uses they/them pronouns, but honestly, I just want to hear more about that SICK RIDE! If this investigator is as comfortable discovering clues and evading enemies as they are driving that monster beast of a crotch rocket, they will certainly be a powerful investigator. We can only hope that this investigator will usher in even more characters who ride motorcycles in the future.