Looks like someone’s in a hurry to advance the act! According to reliable sources reporting live from your gaming table, a local Mark Harrigan player has a whopping six clues.

“At first we thought, surely he must have been playing events like Scene of the Crime, or he’s been playing some Tactics like Winging It,” said Gregory Sewell. “Mark synergizes with Tactics, you see. But no, that’s not even what’s happening. He’s just been doing basic investigate actions, and he’s passed six times now. I have no idea how or why he is doing this.”

“We have two Seekers on this four person team,” added area Minh enthusiast, Lisa McClean. “Now the Seekers have nothing to do. Daisy is literally going to die to byakhees this turn. Mark doesn’t even have a weapon out yet. What the hell, Mark?”

When approached for comment on the Seeker unemployment crisis, local Guardian Larry Duggan had this to say. “The Seekers are just jealous that I have six clues and they do not,” said Duggan. “There will be no further comment on this matter.”

At press time, Daisy had just finished playing Ghastly Revelation to avoid taking a physical trauma, thereby giving Mark nine clues.