If you’re anything like me, you enjoy having a little backstory for your investigators to explain how this group came together before the adventure started. Of course, with the power of imagination and a healthy knowledge of Arkham lore, any combination of people can be justified. However, some groupings have naturally stronger lore connections than others. In this series, I will be presenting some thematic teams that may just catch your eye for a future playthrough with your group of three to four players. Teams will be shown as groups of three with some simple strategy considerations so you can have as much success as possible out the gate. I’ll then add an option for a fourth at the end of the entry, with a short statement of how this fourth investigator changes things up for the other three. Now without further ado, let’s get into our first set!

1) The Omega Consortium

Investigators: Roland Banks, Joe Diamond, Trish Scarborough

Narrative: The facts had always been clear. The problem was nobody else had wanted to believe in them. And if both the FBI and the Black Chamber were going to turn a blind eye to the truth, what hope was left for humanity? After crossing paths on a case that had only one possible explanation, Roland and Trish were each feeling abandoned by their organizations. Knowing they were two people up against the whole world made them feel powerless. Encountering private investigator Joe Diamond gave them a new hope. The man had a sharp mind already familiar with the nature of their work, and he easily fit right in with Roland and Trish to form a tight group of three. Together, they have named themselves the Omega Consortium, positioning themselves as humanity’s last hope. While having any hope at all still feels like a fool’s errand, this impromptu alliance may just make it — according to Joe’s hunch, perhaps three unyielding people is all humanity ever needed.

Strategy: This combination is interesting for high multiplayer because every single one of these investigators is actually very good at (and perhaps even better at) solo play. All three of them can handle enemies and get clues very well, meaning you could have designated roles or you could just have all three be full generalists. Considering the card pool, it may be most natural to let Roland take over monster killing, Joe to head up clue discovery, and then have Trish manage evasion. Your biggest concern with this group is treacheries and horror. None of them have Willpower above three or sanity above six. A string of bad pulls on cards like Rotting Remains could just delete team members unceremoniously. You definitely will have to keep this group-wide weakness in mind as you construct your decks.

Fourth Investigator: Jacqueline Fine

Narrative: The Omega Consortium was skeptical of Jacqueline when they first met her, but considering everything else they had seen, was anything she claimed really so unbelievable? As a psychic, Jacqueline offered them information, and if there was one thing the Consortium valued in their line of work, it was exactly that. With Jacqueline among their ranks, the Omega Consortium continues to protect humanity from a seemingly inevitable dark future – only this time, they now know exactly what it looks like.

Strategy: The addition of Jacqueline solves some of the previously mentioned problems, namely the group’s vulnerability to treachery cards. Jacqueline can use her Willpower to clear off certain treacheries; Trish can pass cards over with “You handle this one” to Jacqueline; and Jacqueline could also just outright cancel the worst treacheries. Besides that, as a five willpower Mystic, she can easily flex to fill in whatever gaps the team needs. Can a team of four generalists win the campaign? There’s only one way to find out!

2) The Expedition

Investigators: Leo Anderson, Ursula Downs, Monterey Jack

Narrative: Who can resist the call of adventure? Over the past decades, brave explorers Leo, Ursula, and Monterey each had their own legendary expeditions around the world. No danger was ever too great in their search for new discoveries. However, strange events have arrested their attentions. Mysterious symbols, inexplicable deaths, and otherworldly monsters have intertwined the fates of these three explorers, bringing them together for what may be their final expedition. While in the past, they may have unearthed relics or discovered unmarked temples, it’s clear now that their next discovery must be a way to save the world from certain destruction. No other group of people would be as capable for such a job.

Strategy: Similar to the Consortium, this team is also comprised of a Guardian, Seeker, and Rogue. However, this team is less a collection of strong generalists and instead features some more distinct roles. Leo is obviously the main fighter, and Ursula is obviously the main clue-getter. Meanwhile, Monterey is the flex, capable of bouncing back and forth between managing enemies via evasion and discovering clues. One benefit of the team is that both clue-getters can evade their own enemies. This takes some of the burden off of your fighter to set-up as fast as possible. Basically, if you want a team of three generalists, play the Consortium, but if you want a team of three with more distinct roles, play the Expedition.

Fourth Investigator: Bob Jenkins

Narrative: Any expedition worth its salt is going to need a financial backer, no? Surely explorers as seasoned as you three would know that by now. And who better to help you, than myself, Bob Jenkins. There’s nothing I can’t sell – relics, weapons, relics that are weapons… why, one time I sold a woman her own grandmother! Don’t ask too many questions about how that worked out. Just believe me when I say it was all above board. I don’t do illegal things, you see. Not unless I have to, anyway. Is that a Gold Pocket Watch that I see there, Ursula? I also have one of those fine beauties. I can sell you mine, in fact. You say you’ll take it? Of course, you will! See what I did there? That’s the power of sales. Now the lot of you have no choice but to bring me along. And don’t you stress about anything happening to me. I got plenty of tricks of my own, you see…

Strategy: Bob’s best contribution to this team is as a support, helping your team speed up spreading out their array of assets. In terms of roles, you will likely want Bob as a backup fighter, potentially using his Rogue access to get some XP weapons for himself. While Bob can easily get clues, it’s unlikely that Leo will be handle four investigators’ worth of enemy draws on his own, and Ursula/Monterey should have clues on lock with Seeker cards. Therefore, gearing Bob up for supplementary damage may make the most sense for this group.

3) The Congregation

Investigators: Father Mateo, Sister Mary, Zoey Samaras

Narrative: Gather around, my children, and set your fears aside. It’s time to beseech the blessings of the Lord. The omens we have seen tonight may look dark and foreboding, but we can always take refuge in the assurances of our God. No matter what happens, our faith cannot and will not be shaken. Simply look at who we have to lead us. Father Mateo knows much about the diverse blessings of our Lord, and he has no fear of the arcane arts. Sister Mary is also dedicated to our protection, and we know blessings follow her wherever she goes. And there is no greater warrior of our faith than Zoey Samaras. They say that every strike of her blade is directed by God Himself. You all can sleep soundly tonight, children, knowing that no doom can reach us without these three acting on our behalf.

Strategy: This team is a very good opportunity to lean into a heavy Bless synergy team. You definitely have the card access to do exactly that. What the team most notably lacks though is a high Intellect clue-getter. Of these three, I would task Father Mateo with discovering the most clues. You can even have Father Mateo buy a copy of Rite of Seeking level four or Clairvoyance level five with starting XP. Either of these spells allows Mateo to start picking up three clues per investigate, which is extremely efficient for a three-person team. Aside from that, making Zoey a big fighter is a natural choice – perhaps with Holy Spear – and Mary can be flexible support.

Fourth Investigator: Finn Edwards

Narrative: A drunk man stumbles into the church sanctuary. One of the congregants recognizes him immediately and attempts to kick him out. A lapsed Catholic sinner who deals in illicit activity should have no place here among the holy flock! However, the usher is stopped by Father Mateo. The priest approaches the drunkard with gentleness and kindness. He reaches a hand of welcome outward. “It seems my prayers have been answered. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you near a church, young Finn, but you returned just when you were needed,” Father Mateo says. “Now, come with me. We have much to discuss with you.”

Strategy: While he is rough around the edges compared to the other three, Finn is quite possibly the perfect addition to this team from a strategy perspective. For one, he provides the natural clue-getter that the original three lack. His notable weakness of being vulnerable to treacheries is easily managed with the assistance of the rest of the team providing Willpower support or cancels. But another really interesting thing is that Finn can provide Curse tokens, allowing for a full Bless/Curse team. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can always just use your splash Survivor access to get some simple Bless tech into Finn’s deck. Alternatively, you can lean into the “succeed by 2” archetype which is supported greatly by Bless tokens.

That wraps it up for set 1! If you enjoy this, keep an eye out for future sets. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing about the adventures you get up to with The Omega Consortium, The Expedition, and The Congregation.