FFG surprised the community this week by announcing a brand new, unexpected product. The new campaign upgrade, named “Return To My Apartment To Double Check If I Locked The Front Door”, will surely offer fans of the original campaign many additional hours of excitement.

“Some people may have been disappointed with Return To The Dream-Eaters not being on the schedule,” said a representative from Fantasy Flight Games. “We hope those fans will be delighted to hear about this other exciting product, which sees investigators once again experience the thrills and perils of suddenly not being able to remember if you locked your door while on the second of two buses on the way to your ten hour shift at your factory job.”

Members of the community also expressed their excitement for the updated adventure. “The first time I played this campaign, I was able to easily exploit it by playing a Rogue and continuously using extra actions to ‘remember that you locked your front door’,” said Max Young. “However, in RTMATDCIILTFD , this is going to be changed with alternative encounter cards that increase the difficulty. Now you have to resolve even more Creeping Dread checks and fight more Surly Bus Driver enemies to even remember it one time! I’m very excited about the new challenge to come!”

As usual, this new Return To expansion content will add even more player cards that are themed around the classic MATDCIILTFD adventure. Notable examples include level 3 Painkillers to help with the splitting headache you suffer from the constant paranoia over if your door is unlocked or not, as well as level 3 Old Keys, which the most resourceful Survivors can use to lock the front door. If you are a Rogue, you may also enjoy level 5 Lockpicks, which can be used to fuck with all the other investigators by unlocking the front door for no other reason than being a huge troll.

Return To My Apartment To Double Check If I Locked The Front Door will be available Q3 2022.