Exciting news!

Recently card previews from various community content creators have been announced for The Scarlet Keys.

I am thrilled to announce that I don’t have one of those but I do have this stock photo of yarn which is arguably even cooler depending on your interests.

Some of my friends love knitting. They would happily sit and knit all day. This stock photo of yarn would be way more exciting to them then any boring old card preview, right? Right?

I’m right, aren’t I? Who doesn’t love yarn???

If this yarn was an Arkham card preview, oh man, it would be some really cool asset like “Threads of Fate” or something. Oh, I’m being told there is already something named Threads of Fate and that this would be a very confusing name. Well, uh, it’s still a pretty cool yarn pic, right?

Apparently, some people will have more card previews in the future. Oh, okay. Well, in the meantime, I will be building my new Akachi deck which consists of 28 cards and two stock photos of yarn and no one can stop me.