Listen, I understand that it is 2022. I’m not some backwards fuddy-duddy. I completely accept and support that Kymani Jones is non-binary. In fact, I think they are a great addition to the mythos. Of course, I would always use the right pronoun for them. However, we have to draw the line somewhere. To put it quite plainly, I simply cannot accept a Rogue having 3 Willpower. Absolutely not!

Now I know what you’re all going to say. What about Jenny? What about Sefina? Listen — things were different back then. What Rogue wasn’t trying to pass a Willpower test in 2017? It was practically the Wild West back then. But the fact of the matter is that things change. Nowadays I am firmly convinced that when it comes to Rogues, I will only accept there being two points of Willpower – certainly not three or more!

For years, we were happy to accept Finn, Preston, Tony, Winifred, Trish, Monterey, and the like. Low willpower is just the way things are! Frankly, Arkham just works better when Rogues keep their Willpower low. Us Rogue players just fail our Will tests and we’re proud of it! Now you’re trying to tell me this new Rogue can pass a Rotting Remains by drawing a 0? No Rogue of mine!

Okay, you know what? Hear me out for a moment. If I sound upset, it’s only because this is a very confusing time for me personally. It may take some time for me to accept a 3 Will Rogue as the new normal or to use the correct numeral when describing how much Willpower they have to others. It also may take some time for me to take affirming actions like remembering that cards like Suggestion exist or committing a card when I draw a Crypt Chill. The more I think about this, the more I think that, yes, perhaps all Rogues can exist in harmony, even if some of them are weird and different.

What’s that? It’s not very open-minded for me to call having three Willpower weird and different?? Well, I see the politically correct mafia is coming for me! I take it all back!! If anyone misgenders Kymani Jones, I will absolutely stand up for their inclusion in the game… but aside from that? Screw three Willpower Rogues!