How embarrassing!

The latest news out of FFG is that due to a mix-up at the ol’ card game factory, Charlie Kane will not be in The Scarlet Keys box. Instead, players will find three extra copies of Roland Banks, for no reason at all. What an unfortunate series of events for all involved!

“We are currently looking into an issue that resulted in the new investigator we were all excited about, Charlie Kane, being replaced with not one, but three copies of core set investigator Roland Banks, for whom no one is remotely excited,” said the legitimate statement from Fantasy Flight Games. “Rest assured once we get to the bottom of this mess, we will undo this horrible fiasco and those responsible will receive a stern talking-to from the FFG Marketing Department.”

Rite of Seeking’s most trusted and intrepid reporter, Kyle Scotch, is en route to the card game factory in Kuala Lumpur or wherever it is — we actually don’t know, we just picked a spot on The Scarlet Keys map at random — to investigate this strange story further. We eagerly await hearing back from him assuming he is not now horribly lost forever.

For more true news on this developing story, Arkham Horror: The Card Game players are encouraged to continue following Rite of Seeking for the latest factual reports from our brave journalist as they arrive.