Holy shit, that was fast! Big news for the Arkham community today as long-running community podcast Drawn To The Flame recently revealed a preview card called Damning Testimony, immediately leading to the inception of a new community podcast named after that card.

“Welcome to Damning Testimony!” said the host of the surprisingly well-produced show which was created not even 12 hours after the card reveal. “In this podcast, we talk about the very worst cards and moments Arkham Horror has to offer. We provide all the Damning Testimony you will ever need to vent your various Arkham frustrations.”

The hosts then went into a rousing discussion about what their real life “Chosen Enemy of the Week” was and what their plans were to “upgrade” their current lifestyles.

“Why is this show so good?” said listener Mark Sutherland. “They didn’t even spend a full day planning and producing this.”

“Woohoo, another Arkham podcast!” shouted Bernard Chow, another listener. “I love this shit.”

At press time, the hosts of Damning Testimony were already launching a Patreon they had nicknamed Extort.