Breaking news out of your regular play group as it seems Greg already has all the revealed upgrade sheets perfectly memorized and the Scarlet Keys doesn’t even come out for at least a couple more months.

“I’m going to do a Tommy deck with Hunter’s Armor upgraded with Enchanted, Durable and Hallowed to get 8 points of soak into my arcane slot,” Greg said, rattling off the upgrade names to the table like he’s been playing this cycle for years and that everyone else at the table has too.

“I figure that’s pretty solid!” Greg continued, stunning the table by revealing he had even more to say. “Potentially 8 ammo on Becky! And, I can still have my body slot open to play Bandolier so I can also hold my Pocket Multi Tool,” Greg said, referencing a customizable Survivor asset you didn’t even know had been previewed already.

“Obviously, I am going to take the Spring-Loaded and Sharpened Knife upgrades for this Tommy deck,” Greg said, because yeah, obviously that’s what you would upgrade on this customizable card you did not know was real until thirty seconds ago. “That’s basically an instant Lucky when I would fail an attack with Becky! So strong! How are you going to spend all your experience points?”

At press time, you were politely smiling at Greg and explaining that you would probably just upgrade a Magnifying Glass or a Deduction or something.