A new study carried out by Amina with the financial backing of Amina has found that you need to stop counting how much doom Amina has in her play area right now because who really cares, am I right?

“The agenda that really matters is the one that’s in your heart,” Amina Zidane told reporters yesterday. “And right now it seems like your agenda is to count how much doom I have on my assets with a very judgmental tone of voice.”

“I would also like to remind the media that 2 of my doom is currently being ignored by Elle Rubash,” Amina said, broadly waving at her play area that — oh God, there is way more than 2 doom there, shit.

“Think about it this way. Doom spelled backwards is mood. Instead of thinking about the doom I have, turn that around. Think instead about the mood you are in and how you can improve it,” Amina said, proceeding to pump her level 3 Blood Pact on a Ceremonial Sickle fight action.

“I would now like to call up my fellow researcher without whom this important work would not be possible – Marie Lambeau – to share a few words,” Amina said and oh damn, I guess Marie is also here, oh god, oh shit.