Good evening, Mother. I hope you are in good spirits. I see you are wearing the shawl that grand-nan knitted for you last winter. I assume this means you are feeling giddy to step about the house in such luxuries. What delight!

I hope this is an alright time for me to tell you this, Mother… but, please, I beg of you, I fear I cannot handle even one more The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion player card spoiler!

When you first mentioned you would be revealing cards over a few months, I was overjoyed. I imagined that surely my imagination would soar all harvest season. But Mother, the leaves on the trees are already changing from green to orange, and still the player card spoilers continue unabated!

Mother! I fear I cannot handle even a mite more of these player card spoilers. When I saw Ceremonial Sickle level 4, I already thought, “At last, the player card spoilers must surely end here.” But no, there were still more to come. I hate to admit to this foul thinking, Mother, but by the time Astral Mirror came about my response was no longer childlike wonder but instead I questioned what foul manner of sorcery was this. Truly, Mother! What want does a Mystic have for two more hand slots?

Pray, forgive my impertinent tongue! I know I am wrong to even question. I understand now the error of my ways. Thank you, Mother, for your benevolent gifts of The Scarlet Keys player cards spoilers – enough to last from the beginning of planting ’til yet the last stalk of grain is plucked from the earth!