ARKHAM, Mass. – In response to studies that women tend to make less money on average than their male counterparts, local woman Jenny Barnes is insisting this is not true. “I don’t know what they’re talking about,” said Barnes. “I make twice as much money as my male peers, and that’s before I even play Hot Streak.”

“Frankly, most of male peers are broke as all hell. Have you met Roland Banks?”

When asked about other women in her field, Jenny Barnes was quick to point out more examples. “I mean, don’t even just look at me. Carolyn? That chick is getting PAID. She has more resources than I think she even knows what to do with. Zoey just finds money on the ground whenever she runs into something she wants to kill. Says it’s from the Lord or whatever. And Sefina’s always doing something crazy with her paint to make Emergency Caches pop out of nowhere. Um, you didn’t hear it from me, but I’m starting to think she might be a witch herself!”

At press time, Jenny was spending all her resources on booze in order to make herself fight better.