ARKHAM, Mass. – Presenting a message of tolerance and inclusion, a local Abomination wants everyone to know that race does not matter to it, and that all people, whether black, brown, or white, will be consumed equally when the Great One comes to devour the world.

“They that sleep care not for humanity’s petty differences, such as skin colour or cultural background,” said the incredibly progressive Abomination. “Whether black or white, the Great Ones will feast on what little remains of your mind with nary a second thought.”

“In the end, everyone screams in the same language,” the Abomination added.

Local schoolteacher Emily Wheaton was heartened to see such openness for people of other races expressed by such a foul and inhuman netherbeast. “It’s difficult enough in this town to get humans to see past racial differences,” Wheaton said. “It’s really encouraging to see our abominations figuring this out without any problem.” Wheaton is considering bringing a group of Abominations to her school to teach her kindergarten class about the importance of tolerance and accepting one another. “Nobody in Arkham understands tolerance better than the Abominations of the sleeping Ancient One,” Wheaton said, with a huge smile on her face.