ARKHAM – Bigly news out of the world of theatre today as it was announced that the sequel to the tremendous play “The King In Yellow”, entitled “The President In Orange” is coming to Arkham this fall.

“Last year, we had the largest premiere of any play in Arkham, ever,” said a masked, nameless stranger who would be playing the role of The President. “It was an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout.”

Some citizens expressed concerns over how the Ward Theatre would recover following the unexpected flooding, as well as the fact that everyone in the audience died in the previous showing.

“Reports that hundreds died during the previous play were invented by the investigators to make us look as bad as possible,” said the nameless stranger. The nameless stranger also explained that while the flooding at the Ward Theatre was “tremendously big” and “tremendously wet”, the Ward Theatre is booming now and experiencing the lowest amount of flooding it has ever experienced in 50 years.

“We know our play is under investigation, but it’s just a witch hunt!” said the nameless stranger. “No witches here! And definitely no cultists either. If anything, the witches are allied with the investigators! We are being accused of colluding with the Elder Gods, but I can assure you there is NO collusion here!”

Lola Hayes, an actor in “The King In Yellow” and now one of the investigators mentioned by the nameless stranger, insisted that this play posed a great threat to the people of Arkham and that her investigation has uncovered “many clues” that suggest the play poses great danger. “Many cast members are now cooperating with our investigation,” said Hayes.

Nigel Engram, director of “The King In Yellow”, could not be reached for comment for this story, as we could not find where he was.