ARKHAM – A discussion about how to advance the new act, titled Cthulhu Immortal, took a turn for the worst after being described by Seeker Daisy Walker as a “clue-only” experience which would require 2 clues per investigator to advance to her team of entirely Guardians.

“Is this some kind of out of season April Fool’s joke?” asked Mark Harrigan, as his fellow Guardians cheered.

Laughing nervously, Daisy replied, “No, no, it’s a fully fledged clue gathering extravaganza that everyone can enjoy.”

Stepping up to ask another question, Zoey Samaras asked, “Are there any plans to have this act advance by killing a monster or is it strictly clue-only forever?”

“Uh, yeah, uh, this, the current plan is to have this act both in Act 1a and Act 1c to advance with clues. There are no plans at the moment to do, uh, killing monsters,” Daisy said, prompting groans and boos from the crowd. “Do you guys not have clues?” a flabbergasted Daisy asked the other 3 members of her team whose average base Intellect clocked in at 2.3.

At press time, Zoey, Mark, and Leo were painting the words “Do you guys not have clues?” with the blood of slaughtered ghouls inside the pages of arcane tomes for Daisy to find later.