ARKHAM – After many months of analysis, local Seeker Minh Thi Phan was pleased to announce that the Strange Solution was just a flask full of Mountain Dew this whole time.

“We were long puzzled as to whether the mysterious liquid was Sprite, 7 Up, or perhaps some other lemony-lime soda,” said Minh, at a press conference outside Velma’s Diner. “However, after conclusive testing, there is no doubt that the liquid is sweet, sweet Mountain Dew in a crystal clear beaker.”

When asked about the properties of the liquid, Minh said numerous varieties existed, such as Mountain Dew Ice, a Freezing Variant, Diet Mountain Dew, a Restorative Concoction, and Mountain Dew Code Red, an Acidic Ichor.

“We think there may even be a fourth variety, an Empowering Elixir rumoured to be named Mountain Dew Kickstart,” said Minh Thi Phan. “However, we have to yet to discover this particular brand of magic sugar juice.”

At press time, Minh Thi Phan was investigating Velma’s Diner for some Doritos.