ARKHAM – Trying to stay on the bright side of being imminently sacrificed by cultists, local Mystic Marie Lambeau was quick to point out that things could be much worse and Prophesy could have fewer Wild icons.

“I know things look bad everyone,” Marie said, as she added more doom to Blood Pact and played an Arcane Initiate. “But listen, with this extra Wild icon, there’s nothing we can’t do.”

Marie reminded her fellow investigators as she took the first turn of the game yet again that unlike the “completely unplayable” Take the Initiative, she could commit this card to other investigators to “share the wealth”. “And don’t forget, we have Minh on our team, so really this card has FOUR wild icons! Is that value or what?” Marie said. “Plus, if I get really lucky with this next Quantum Flux play, I might even get back that Moonlight Ritual I committed for the Agility icon!”

Despite our best efforts to get in touch with her, Minh Thi Phan was too busy trying to resign to offer comment on this article.