HISTORICAL SOCIETY, ARKHAM – An otherwise routine investigation at the Historical Society went sour when Carolyn Fern and Daisy Walker got into a heated argument.

“I have failed you, Carolyn. I have failed you,” said Daisy, upon failing an investigate action on a Shroud 4 location.

“I should have known the Seekers were plotting to take over this investigation,” a clearly disgruntled Carolyn Fern said in disgust.

“Carolyn, Constance Dumaine is evil!” exclaimed Daisy.

“From my point of view, the investigators are evil!” shouted Carolyn in return, in apparent reference to the fact that Daisy had previously taken gasoline, doused Constance’s house with it, and set it on fire, thereby incinerating everyone inside.

“Well, then this campaign is lost!” Daisy shouted, shocked at how Carolyn could turn so quickly to the Doubt side.

The two investigators then circled around each other, before Carolyn sternly said, “This is the end for you, my Seeker.” After the two failed multiple Fight actions directed at each other, Carolyn moved to a lower Shroud location.

“It’s over, Carolyn,” said Daisy Walker. “I have the high shroud.”

“You underestimate my power [to collect clues],” said Carolyn Fern, before auto-failing a critical test.

In spite of wasting multiple rounds attacking each other, the pair still ended up completing the scenario before the first Agenda advanced.