ROSEVILLE, MN – A new article revealing more information on the unique features of The Circle Undone finally shone light on the best feature of all: the cycle’s complete lack of any snakes.

“We at FFG are constantly trying to push the envelope for groundbreaking and innovate play, so that our players can experience fresh, immersive narratives,” said Martin Smith, a designer on the The Circle Undone team. “As we were coming up with new ideas and mechanics for this cycle, we had this crazy thought: “What if this time, there were just no snakes?””

“Matt Newman got excited and wrote “NO SNAKES” on the whiteboard. From then on, that became our rallying cry. How can we make a cycle that has no snakes in it?” said Smith. “The end result is, of course, The Circle Undone.”

Not having any snakes seems to be one of the defining features of the Circle Undone as the investigators explore haunted locations, escape from witches, and investigate a sinister cult of human beings. “It was a huge challenge to come up with this much non-serpentine content!” said Smith. “As a team, we kept asking, “Can’t we have one snake? Maybe a haunted ghost snake that pops out from under a bed to spook you?” But Matt kept saying, no, no, we have to stay true to our creative vision.”

Smith reminded fans that if you really, really wanted to have snakes for some reason, you can just play as Father Mateo.