Hey, everyone. You know that link that FFG posted half an hour ago? Well, I found it and I know that everyone in the group is going to be super excited to hear this news. So here I am, showing up to post it for the sixth time. I had to sort through a lot of Star Wars and L5R news to get to the “good stuff”, you know? So, I’m sure everyone else will be really excited to hear there is Arkham news once again for the sixth time today.


Oh, did other people already post this? Incredible! I’ve been really distracted by how excited I am by this news that I didn’t really check. It is pretty cool news though, right? I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s reaction to this news, surely for the first time, since I don’t think anyone else has thought to post this link to the group yet and definitely not 5 others in the span of 30 minutes. Glad I could be of service, though.


Shoot, I see now that a lot of people are also posting this link, and by a lot of people, I mean five separate threads about this link have already been going in this group and I have now created a sixth one about the same topic. Darn! Oh well, I’m sure that’s fine. I’ll just have to be even faster to post the link next time. Won’t that be amazing? Oh man, oh man, I just can’t wait to be notified every time someone reacts to the link I shared first! Until then, I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled to be the first one to jump on posting that link.