ok frenz it is time for the mythos phase hehe >:) time 2 draw a mythos card, let’s see what it is team!!!




i drew a big enemy 💀💀💀

can anyone help meeeeee? 😭😭

i would evade but my agi is only a 1, this is so grody UGHH mystics are literally so embarrassing

u r going to commit WILD icons to me???? nononono u need those icons to investigate u can just leave me to die it’s ok 🙏🙏🙏

i dont deserve ur wild icons just let me take dmg, u win the scenario without me bbz, UwU

omg do u rly want to help me HFKAHSMDH i srsly cannot rn with this 😭😭 u r too nice to me!! i am just trash at this game 💀

omg ok ok i am going to test pls help me manifest a 0 or better!!! jacq u had better help me or else 😠 jkjkjk ik u already used ur power… anyway…

JFJSHFIEHEAK i drew the elder sign!! 😭 i am literally DEAD rn over this evasion

brb screaming crying throwing up over this elder sign

wait did patrice srsly commit take heart, that’s sooooo ruuuuude 😠 jk jk jk ilu ♥️

thank u queens for helping me evade <333 uwu

now let’s gaslight gatekeep girlboss this ancient one lmfaoo >:)