Not even five minutes after the announcement of Darrell Simmons by Miskatonic University Radio, local Survivor enthusiasts would like to announce that there is already a Dark Horse Darrell Simmons decklist ready to go, because of course there is.

“Us Survivor players have been sitting in our holes doing nothing but crafting Dark Horse decks for ages,” said one of the numerous nameless Survivor players who grifted this decklist into our reporter’s now tainted hands. “Long have we prepared for this task.”

“But actually though it’s just a Minh Thi Phan Dark Horse deck with some of the cards switched around,” said another hooded figure, who we learned later was named Carl. “Sorry if our misfit band of ragtag outcasts made that sound more deep than it actually was. At its core, it’s just Mariner’s Compass and Dark Horse but with a couple different supporting cards around it.”

Carl then motioned us towards a pen which he then used to write SCAVENGING IS A BAIT in menacing big letters across our arms. We no longer like Carl and would like to further announce that Survivor mains are super weird.