Call me late to the party, but I just found this card called Preposterous Sketches and let me just say I can hardly believe what I’m reading! There is no way they allowed an effect like this in the game at level 0. You’re telling me that if I play this card, it’s gonna draw me not one, not two, but THREE more cards?

Are you KIDDING me? What am I even going to do with three more cards? I’m getting analysis paralysis just thinking about how my hand is going to be simply bursting at the seams with player cards! When I first saw cards that increased your hand size like Arcane Enlightenment, I thought, “No way does that make any sense. It’s not like there are level 0 events letting you draw 3 cards or anything.” WOW, was I ever wrong!

Let me put this into perspective for you because you’re obviously not understanding it yet. For a regular action, you can draw 1 card. Sure. That’s pretty nice, right? Now look at Preposterous Sketches. Seriously, read it again. THREE CARDS! That’s fully TRIPLE a regular draw action. Oh you want to just draw a card like a peon? I’ll think I’ll improve that by THREE HUNDRED PERCENT, thank you very much! Why this card wasn’t slapped down by the Taboo list is completely beyond me.

Like literally just imagine this. You play a card, and you think that’s it. It’s over. My hand has one fewer card now for all my troubles. But you’re wrong. What happens instead to immediately subvert your expectations? You draw a card! That card you played effectively just replaced itself. That’s already so strong. Holy hell. But it doesn’t even stop there. Just visualize that happening to your hand TWO. MORE. TIMES. That’s right — three times in total! It’s like a waterfall of player cards just exploded into my hand!

And you can play this card in Harvey?! That’s FOUR CARDS. No way. No way should that ever be allowed. If I catch anyone at my table playing Preposterous Sketches in Harvey, I am going to kick them out for playing stuff that is obviously too busted!

Anyway, if any of you could please point me in the direction of a location with a clue on it so I can actually play this card, I would be very appreciative.